Monday, March 3, 2008

Forex AutoPilot reviewed

If, like me, you are a member of some get-paid-to-click programs, or of some manual traffic exchanges, you have probably become aware of Forex AutoPilot (, a bot that basically imitates the actions of a forex trader, and works automatically to identify optimal entry and exit points. It picks up its own signals without any action from the user.

"If you read the Forex Autopilot system author’s disclaimer, you will understand that even with the help of this automated bot, your trading activities will still involve some form of risks. But once you understand that you are only taking calculated risks, you should expect a realistic 5- to 10-percent returns with this system every month," says Cool Gadget & Tech Reviews at has posted another favorable comment:

"As a site we have never recommended a forex robot system before. However, this amazing piece of software smashes all the rules of forex trading. Forex AutoPilot was developed by some of the most successful forex traders and most advanced mathematicians in the world. The result is a ground-breaking piece of software that allows anyone to make serious profits in forex trading on auto pilot.

"The problem with forex trading is that it all comes down to predicting trends at precise moments, and acting upon them with exact timing. To put it simply, a human is [incapable] of accurately executing successful trade after trade. You need some form of automated system if you are serious about making money in forex in 2008.

"The Forex AutoPilot System takes all the guesswork out of forex trading, with in-built tips and a complete set of blueprints to ensure you never make a wrong trade. Human error is eliminated, and risks are drastically reduced."

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