Saturday, March 15, 2008 joins BlogRush has been recognized by BlogRush as a blog that contains "unique, quality content that provides opinions, insights, and/or recommended resources that provide value to readers of the blog".

And what is BlogRush? At BlogRushCentral, it describes itself as a "cooperative syndication network for bloggers", and continues: "The BlogRush widget (see the sidebar on this page) consists of headlines from participating bloggers within your niche.

"Bloggers earn credits for the number of times the BlogRush widget is displayed on their blogs. These credits are then automatically spent to promote their blogs across other blogs in the network. The more traffic you have, the more you get in return."

Of course, there is a little more to it than that. There are, for instance, rewards for referrals - "all the way up to 10 generations". BlogRush thus has "the ability to generate massive, exponential traffic for your blog".

Does it deliver on its promise? Or, more accurately, does it fulfil the expectations of those who sign up and place its widgets on their sites?

After I signed up, I did what I always do at such times: I went to Google, searched for "BlogRush", and read some of the reviews and comments that came up. Unfortunately, they were all from late 2007. (BlogRush was launched on September 14, 2007.) But the consensus was that it was “worth a try” (

Interestingly, some of the "criticisms" were not really criticisms, but yelps of anguish from those who had failed BlogRush's "quality control audit" and had their accounts closed.

  • BlogRush closed in October 2008, after issuing the following statement:

    "BlogRush didn’t grow without its fair share of problems — from security issues to abusive users trying to ‘game’ the system to much lower click-rates than expected. We also had some problems with trying to fairly control the quality of the network, and in the process made many mistakes in deciding what blogs should stay or go. All of these issues, ultimately, limited the service’s full potential.

    "Our team worked very hard to try and build a service that would truly help bloggers of all sizes get free traffic to their blogs. This was our primary focus. Not once did we ever try to monetize the service with ads or anything else. BlogRush never made a single penny in revenue. We wanted to be able to help our users FIRST and then worry about monetizing the service later. Unfortunately, the service didn’t work out like we had hoped. (It happens.)"

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