Monday, April 7, 2008

Work-from-home forum

How many forums have I registered at, but made little or no contribution to? More than I care to remember. I therefore had a twinge of misgiving when I recently signed up at yet another. It's called It's Free, and it's at

Since then, I have posted several comments and a picture at It's Free, and have found that it is a congenial community. It is also a community that is apparently made up mainly of women. (Note the background of pink tulips and the butterflies in the avatar of moderator Connie!)

The female company aside, my reason for joining the forum was to explore its list of work-from-home opportunities, which includes some opportunities that I have not come across anywhere else. So if you, too, are looking for genuine opportunities in this field, head over to It's Free, and have a look around.

1 comment:

criean said...

Good for you, you have found a site where you were able to post comments and pictures the way you wanted. I have visited the link you have stated and I loved the pink tulips. I had also posted several comments in there and some of the members in the forum did welcomed and accommodated me.
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