Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Want the No 1 position at Google?

I have submitted my jameskirkup.com website to this service, and eagerly await the results. I'm not sure, though, that I would be prepared to bid for keywords to keep the website in the No 1 slot at Google, as the site is, after all, a site I have created for a friend.

The passage below is from the 1on40 homepage:

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Pay nothing for our unique service until you see your web site at the NUMBER ONE position on Google and the other 39 TOP search engines for the 5 keywords. Get top result for once - FREE.

Once at NUMBER ONE position we will leave YOUR web site there for 7 days to prove our ground breaking service. Then you need to start paying us (bidding), for our 'THEN PROVEN' service and carry on having tested our service without risking your money like you would on other ‘hyped up SEO services that underperform or simply do not work’.

It costs nothing to give us a try... You have to see it work to believe it, therefore we don’t charge you a dime until you have - GUARANTEED.


G.Suvorov said...

You should try SeoDigger.com.
What it does is it accepts a url from the user and it shows the keywords for which that site ranks within the top 20 Google search results.You can sneak on your competitors blog or site and find out what keywords it ranks for highly in Google.Obviously you can also check whether your site’s keyword rank within the Google top 20.

Alan Ireland said...

Thanks. I have signed up.