Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Journalism slips deeper into the abyss

The shareholders of the New Zealand Press Association, who are the country's major newspaper publishers, want costs reduced but efficiency enhanced.

That was the explanation today from NZPA chief executive Lincoln Gould as he announced the axing of seven full-time jobs at the country's national news agency.

Yes, costs will be reduced. But realitically, can we expect efficiency to be enhanced? My educated guess, as a person who has been in journalism since 1963, is that either the association's coverage will be restricted or it will be downgraded as copy is rushed through.

The standards of journalism in New Zealand are already low - as they are throughout the Western world. How much lower can they go, before we all give up and go home?

Mr Gould adds that the agency's international wire services will also be "rationalised". Again, that's just a euphemism for "debased".

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