Friday, July 4, 2008

Is there still money in sex?

Every day, we read about the hard times that people are having, as a result of the credit crunch and the rises in gas and food prices. And if one thing is certain, it is that things will become tougher as oil reserves dwindle.

I was therefore a little surprised to read of the ambitious plans for a "high-class brothel" in Dannevirke - a town in an area that was, as its name suggests, settled in the 19th century by people from Denmark. It is on the other side of "the Ranges", a 47-minute drive from Palmerston North.

Who, these days, can still afford to pay $100+ for sex? I'm sure there aren't many local people who can, as the area is in economic decline.

According to news reports this week, the Tararua District Council has given the green light to the brothel, which is to be called Promiscuous Girlz and which is to be located in the historic Public Trust Office on the town's main street.

The brothel's prospective operator promises that signage around the premises will be discreet.

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