Saturday, August 2, 2008

Economy goes down, but alcohol sales go up

New Zealanders are spending less on almost everything except petrol and alcohol, a Fairfax report in today's edition of the Manawatu Standard says.

"Not surprisingly, the biggest spending increase [has been] at the pump, [where] motorists shell[ed]-out 25 percent more on petrol in May than 12 months ago," the report says, citing the findings of Statistics New Zealand's latest retail survey.

"Spending increases of around 10 percent were also seen at bars, clubs, department stores and liquor outlets, which comes as no surprise to social commentators.

"Canterbury University psychology department professor Simon Kemp [says] though Kiwis [are] spending less money out of concern about their future prospects, alcohol [is] different as it help[s] people relax."

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