Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Kiwis seek help from Salvation Army

In today's lead story in the Manawatu Standard, headlined No petrol to get to Sally meals, Janine Rankin says some regular recipients of help from the Savation Army "can no longer afford transport to get to low-price dinners as the cost of living bites".

As many as 140 people reportedly turn up for the Salvation Army's $3 meal every Thursday evening. Children dine free.

In the same article, Salvation Army community ministry manager Gwenda Kendrew is quoted as saying that, in June alone, 23 families who had never used the Salvation Army's foodbank before had asked for help.

"Hopefully, some of them will be just one-offs," Mrs Kendrew is quoted as saying. "But things are worse this winter.

"It's not just beneficiaries, but people in jobs, often with a number of children. A lot of people are mentioning power costs and, of course, the price of petrol."

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