Sunday, November 23, 2008

A crazy schedule

As I write this, at the end of my 68th birthday, I am trying to remember everything I have to do tomorrow morning:

1. Get up about 5.25am and go to work.

2. Work from about 6am to about 8am — that is, until the deadline for the Manawatu Standard. (We have had to have this early deadline since the printing of the newspaper was shifted to Petone, near Wellington.)

3. Drive home, pick up my daughter and take her to Terrace End post office.

4. Collect the Cancer Society's mail from the society's box, and take this and my daughter to the offices of the Cancer Society. (My daughter has a full-time job there, from 9am to 5pm, looking after its accounts.)

5. Drive home and have breakfast.

6. Drive to work, and work from about 10am until 5.30pm on advertising feature articles for the Manawatu Standard.

A pretty crazy schedule, but an unsurprising one in these times of minimal staff levels. After all the "redundancies" in the editorial department during the past few years, workers are now a little thin on the ground.

Will I, too, be declared "redundant" in January 2009, after working like a maniac during the last two months of this year?

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