Monday, March 23, 2009

News with nudges and winks

Actually, the coverage of important events and issues in New Zealand is so poor, the media could be accused of criminal negligence. Their preoccupation with sport and other trivia, at a time when the world is hurtling towards destruction, is nothing short of insane. Yes, that's what the people want. But would they want so much, if they had an understanding of the dire situation we are in? Are people going to turn round someday, and say, "Why didn't your tell us?" or "Why didn't you give us more analysis, so that we could have made sounder judgments?"

(The above cartoon is from today's issue of the Manawatu Standard.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No mercy for the old nag

Something I have noticed is that companies are prepared to run their workers, if not their entire operations, into the ground in a (probably vain) attempt to maintain profits. SOEs, by the way, are state-owned enterprises. The "N" on the corpulent jockey's arm is for "National" — the ruling National Party of New Zealand.

(The above cartoon is from today's edition of the Manawatu Standard.)

While employment sinks...

One of the ironies of New Zealand's recent "jobs summit", which was supposed to lead to the creation/retention of jobs, was the speed with which it was followed by further job cuts.

(The above cartoon is from yesterday's edition of the Manawatu Standard.)

The apotheosis of greed

I still remember someone saying, circa 1991, that the masters of our destiny had decided that only greed and fear would bring out the best in people. Well, now we know where that kind of thinking leads.

(The above cartoon is from yesterday's edition of The Dominion Post.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thinking twitteristically

I have been a member of Twitter since last year, but have only recently started to post tweets on a daily basis. That's because I didn't realize, until about two weeks ago, what a big thing it is becoming in cyberspace — how, for example, it is making ShortURL (and other such services) redundant through This allows you to change your URLs to TwitPWR URLs, and thereby advertise your Twitter account as well as the services/products/information on your sites. Thus, my URL becomes, and my URL becomes Click these links, and you will see what I mean.

There is also a way in which you can greatly increase your number of followers, and thus the chances of successfully monetizing your Twitter mini-blog. To find out all about this viral system, go to

Finally, you can grade your Twitter account at For the grade of my account, go to At the time of writing, my grade is 72 out of 100.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On tweeting your blog

I haven't done anything to "tweet my blog" yet. In fact, I don't have a blog at Wordpress at the time of writing. But in view of the increasing importance of Twitter as a communication tool, I'll take action pretty soon. (I have been a member of Twitter since last year. See luckykiwi.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

While Rome burns ... or comes crashing down

The above cartoon is from yesterday's edition of the Manawatu Standard.

My impression, too, is that people have little comprehension of the kind of world we are heading into.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Enjoy the pain at Surf Mistress

The surfmistress

Of course, I couldn't resist!

On a more serious note: If you surf here, your URL will be circulated in the OptinCombine of traffic exchanges. In other words, it will receive wider exposure than it would normally get at a traffic exchange.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapel of Corporate Greed

The above cartoon, depicting the "Global Chapel of Corporate Greed", is from today's edition of the Manawatu Standard in Palmerston North.

The other night, I saw a prominent New Zealand business person being interviewed on television. Incredibly, this person, whose "compensation" package is more than $A700,000, claimed they had "shared the pain" of ordinary New Zealanders in these economically troubled times by forgoing a pay rise last year. Are these people so detached from reality that they expect us to believe that, by not demanding an increase in an already stupendous salary, they are in some way suffering?