Saturday, April 18, 2009

Next holiday in Fiji...or maybe in Foxton

This blog seems to have turned into a record of business/economy-related cartoons from the Manawatu Standard and Dominion Post. Maybe that's not a bad thing, as a cartoon often summarizes a situation far better than an article. I will, however, eventually get around to commenting again on the economic situation in New Zealand. All I will say at this juncture is that I have not yet been affected by the international crisis. Even my secondhand bookshop, Autumn Leaves, has been making some sales, after launguishing in the doldrums for a few months. Perhaps those who still have jobs (unlike the fellow above) are easing up a little, and thinking that, in the meantime, they may as well get on with life.

The above cartoon is from the Manawatu Standard of April 16.

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