Monday, August 31, 2009

CEO makes big 'sacrifice'

There was a time, not so long ago, when a CEO's "performance bonus" rewarded him or her for expanding the business. These days, one suspects such bonuses are for the individual's ruthlessness in both getting rid of "surplus" workers and inducing those who remain to work under increasingly harsh conditions. This cartoon by Mike Moreu is from the Manawatu Standard of August 27, 2007.

The taxation merry-go-round

Does lower (direct) tax compensate for increased GST (goods and services tax)? Maybe it does, if it becomes a reality for the low-income earner. This cartoon is from the Manawatu Standard of August 20, 2009.

'Fat cats' roasted in media

When incomes go down, and people start to lose their jobs, those perceived to be living off the fat of the land, at the taxpayer's expense, can come in for more than the usual amount of criticism. The above cartoons, from the Manawatu Standard of August 17, 2009 (top), and August 10, 2009, reflect the public anger over the reports of former MPs jetting off on largely taxpayer-funded holidays.

The words on the newspaper read: LONDON: Smartly dressed gang in suits escape after huge heist.

Are night classes really appreciated?

One of the consequences of the recession in New Zealand has been a cut in funding to educational institutions, and in particular in the funding to night schools for so-called "hobby courses".

The above cartoon (click to enlarge) is from the Manawatu Standard of August 7, 2009.