Sunday, January 31, 2010

A blog that is going places

Somewhat to my surprise, my blog at has started to attract advertisers (through the agency of Text Link Ads). Although I call this a blog, its entries are not in any chronological order – and may be moved from page to page, in accordance with the priority I wish to give to each. Another characteristic of the blog is that each entry is accompanied by an illustration.

If the word "adilbookz" is too difficult to memorize, there is another domain that redirects to the site:

Graffiti, graffiti and more graffiti

The above cartoon, from the Manawatu Standard of December 31, 2009, is a good illustration of the graffiti problem in New Zealand. After having several goes at the long white wall in front of my property, the "artists" have recently turned their attention to the streetlight poles. Generally, I can remove their "creations" with turps. But if the paint is too dry, I have to use silver paint to get rid of the eyesore(s).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Your Opt-In Form Driving Away Customers?

Over the years, we've all been taught that the best way to grow a sizeable mailing list is to give our visitors a great offer they can't say no to. And the most common way to attract more traffic and readers is to pay or trade with another marketer to have a popup window or hover ad on their site with your offer and hope that the visitors will be intrigued enough to sign up.

But more recently, we're learning that popup ads, hover ads and all those other gimmicks are simply driving visitors AWAY and leaving us with no sales and an unresponsive list.

Until now, there wasn't a sure-fire way to get your ad noticed without getting on people's nerves. One ad network is looking to change that – and do it all for free.

It's called SlideUpAds – SlideUpAds.

SlideUpAds is a unique, eye-catching way to advertise your site across an entire network without having to resort to distracting popups or banners.

With SlideUpAds, your ad appears at the bottom frame of the user's screen, so they can still scroll on the web page without being interrupted on whatever they're viewing. Since your ad slides up from the bottom gradually (and quickly), it's more likely to get noticed without being distracting and abruptly closed.

SlideUpAds costs nothing to join and there's no charge for any advertising. You simply fill out a short form and get the details of your account, then upload your ad and you're ready to go! It's simple and straightforward and most ads can be online within a few minutes.

For a limited time, SlideUpAds is also opening the doors to what they call a "Viral Marketing Avalanche". If you refer a friend and THEY join, you get 100% of that person's credits. If your friend refers a friend, you get 100% of THEIR credits too! Of course, your friends still get to keep their credits, but it's like getting double or even triple the exposure without doing any extra work!

Many people are reporting terrific success with SlideUpAds, particularly where popups and hover ads simply haven't performed well in the past. Consider testing your current opt-in form with SlideUpAds and gauge the response for yourself – you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!

To learn more, visit SlideUpAds – it's free to join and there's no membership fee.