Saturday, December 3, 2011

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"A hearty laugh lengthens your life."

That's the comforting assurance of a Swedish proverb that is gaining increasing support from the medical profession.

So a sense of humor is possibly as important, as we grow older, as diet, exercise, and "good, wholesome living" — as my abstemious grandmother used to call it.

But where does one go, on a daily basis, for a guaranteed chuckle, if not always the kind of convulsive laughter that will have everyone within earshot wanting to know what you have discovered?

Well, the answer could be "to" — a site that bills itself as "the funniest on the Net", where you will find galleries of funny pictures, videos and photos that are constantly expanding.

I have just spent half an hour browsing in its "Top FAILs of the day" gallery, where I found several of the journalistic gaffes that every headline and/or advertising copy writer prays to avoid.

"The average North American consumes more than 400 Africans" reminded me of a newspaper headline that appeared shortly after the end of World War II: "Hitler's body not yet found. Famine looms."

I was also amused by the photo, labeled "Ultimate Laziness FAIL", which shows a roadside white line — designed to keep errant drivers out of the ditch — carefully skirting a protruding fallen branch. This reminded me of a similar white line along the side of a New Zealand road, which had gone right over the top of a dead possum.

But whatever your interest or flight of fancy, you are sure to find plenty to keep you entertained at It's a site that will lighten the dullest day — as the 212,789 people who have liked it at Facebook will surely agree.


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