Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SciTechDaily keeps you on your toes

Fancy footwear made from stingray skin.
Followers of — the site that keeps you up to date on the development of gizmos and gadgets — are sure to be excited by SciTechDaily, where all the latest science and technology news 2012 is at your fingertips.

SciTechDaily, which has been operating since 1998, presents its material in the form of a blog, so that you don't have to hunt for the most recent discoveries. The information, which introduces the revolutionary findings of university researchers, is also neatly categorized under the headings Biology, Science, Space and Technology. In addition, there are tabs that enable you to click through to the Latest and Popular entries, as well as to read comments on them.

That is not all, however. SciTechDaily has started offering online coupons and discount promo codes, including Expedia coupon codes, which will help its readers to save money in these tight economic times while shopping at some of the best online stores and/or purchasing first-class services.

As a person with a taste for the bizarre, I immediately clicked through to an article headlined Growing Genetically Engineered Stingrays for Footwear Raises Ethical Concerns — one of the articles featured in the day's slideshow. "A company called Rayfish Footwear claims to bring consumers shoes made out of genetically engineered stingrays," the article begins. "The resulting shoes look very distinctive, but there has been some backlash against the ethics behind such products as well as the claims the company has made."

Two other topics in the day's slideshow were USA Trails Latin American and Asian Cities in Climate Change Preparation and X-Ray Echoes Demonstrate the Reality of Relativistic Reverberation, which gives you an indication of the breadth of the information covered.

So if you're in any way involved in science, or simply have an interest in things scientific, SciTechDaily is the place to go. And while you're there, don't forget to subscribe to the latest news via email or social media.