Friday, December 28, 2012

Can you trust Deal Dash?

Deal Dash, a penny auction website established in 2009, now has more than a million registered users, according to Wikipedia. That fact, in itself, says a lot.

"When that many people beat a path to your door, you must be doing something right — and probably a whole range of things that are right," I said to myself. But just to confirm my conclusion, I checked some of the user reviews.

Sure enough, these are overwhelmingly positive. Remarks like "The customer service . . . is the best I have ever come across," and "The most fun and trustworthy online pay-to-bid auction site!" are common.

I would suggest, however, that the prospective bidder do a little homework. "Don't just jump in and play," one satisfied reviewer writes. It's good advice, as the greatest success always comes to those who keep a cool head and a steady hand.

As a first step, look for Barbara Sellers' review of Deal Dash at Squidoo, where she shares all her "winning strategies" and reveals "the biggest mistake that new bidders make".

You should also visit Deal Dash's Tumblr site, which reveals its impressive scorecard: "High overall ratings on penny auction review sites; a large Facebook following (the third-largest following of all entertainment auction sites); the McAfee Secure Trustmark; VeriSign approval, and a high Better Business Bureau rating."

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