Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today's camper: tomorrow's capable citizen

Scenes from the Best New York Camps

At Camp Chateaugay, just getting there is part of the adventure.

Set on the north shore of one of the Adirondack lakes, in upstate New York, it's easily reached, yet remote enough to kindle the imaginations of the young campers who make the exciting journey every summer.

Would your child or teenager benefit from an opportunity to pursue a wide range of sports and creative activities in a captivating wilderness, while under the watchful eye of caring, professional instructors and counselors?

Of course, any child would benefit from such an opportunity, for there is no greater spur to personal development than participation in a program that poses a range of new challenges. At Camp Chateaugay,
these are both assigned and elective, and are designed to foster the self-esteem that arises from a feeling of real accomplishment and a sense of growing responsibility.

Those concerned about the quality of camp accommodation will be pleased to learn that all the cabins, which are built to a traditional design, have electricity, screened windows, smoke detectors and full bathrooms. Other facilities include the Big House, where the campers gather, play, relax, celebrate and eat, and the Pill Box or infirmary. The latter has a staff of nurses and a resident doctor.

All campers, who come from around the world, receive personal attention and support from the staff, thanks to a 2.5:1 camper-to-counselor ratio. And in the various sports on offer, which include swimming, sailing, rowing, canoeing, rock climbing and mountain biking, they can look forward to coaching and encouragement from experts in their respective fields.

Unsure about the suitability of a shy child, or one who has had difficulty in finding his or her place in structured social settings? At Camp Chateaugay, you don't have to worry. A buddy system for first-time and younger campers ensures that no one is left on the sidelines.

In this way, every effort is made to help today's young camper to become tomorrow's confident and capable citizen.

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