Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Does ThunderHard work?

The first question that everyone asks, when a "male performance enhancer" is mentioned, is "Does it work?"

The question becomes even more pertinent in the case of performance enhancers, like ThunderHard, that are advertised as 100% natural, and which are therefore available without a prescription.

As someone who has used ThunderHard, I can assure my readers that it does, indeed, have the advertised effects. Perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that it had the advertised effects for me.

I did not, however, find these effects altogether pleasant. In fact, after taking only two of the pills — on the mornings of January 17 and 18 — I felt as though I was undergoing a second puberty — a somewhat bizarre experience for someone aged 72.

I will spare my readers an excursion into intimate detail, and say simply that they put me into a state of constant semi-arousal that lasted until the afternoon of January 21. I was thus all set to go, if only in the bedroom, for a total of four and a half days.

Then I crashed. For about two days, I was totally exhausted. All I could do was flop on to a sofa and wait for my energy to return. I had a dry mouth and feelings of uneasiness and nausea — classic symptoms of withdrawal from an addictive drug. And needless to say, I had absolutely no appetite.

So after my recovery, I threw the rest of the pills away. I hate to think what they would have done to me if I had continued to take them at the recommended dose of one a day. One a week might have been more appropriate, if I had felt I really needed a boost "down there".

All in all, it was an expensive experiment, as the bottle cost me more than $NZ50.

NOTE, March 2, 2003: I have edited this post to remove all words that could result in this site being given an "adult" rating.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cash for your car . . . within minutes

Want to know how to sell a car?

The answer is simple. Fill out an online form, click a Submit button, and stand by for a cash offer.

Yes, that's all you have to do to get a quick, no-obligation free quote from RCO Cash for Cars — New York's premier car-buying service.

But that's not the only reason to opt for RCO. Its service also comes with an assurance that "nobody gets you cash faster than us". There's no hassle here. You will have your money within a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

You will also get top dollar for your car, while avoiding all the time-consuming paperwork that makes a private sale such a headache. And finally, by selling your vehicle to RCO Cash for Cars, you will completely eliminate the risk of fraud.

Small wonder that RCO's customers give it such glowing reviews.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Zealand's cats in the doghouse

The statement on Kiwi businessman Gareth Morgan's Cats to Go website reads: "New Zealand is the last refuge of a huge range of bird species, we’re famous for our claim to be clean and green, and some of us have recognised the huge economic benefit, let alone the ecological dividend, from achieving a Predator Free New Zealand. But the vision is flawed. Almost half of Kiwi households have a cat (or two) making New Zealanders the world’s biggest cat owners. Cats are incredibly effective hunters and are wiping out our native birds..."

The cartoon, by Malcolm Evans, is from the Manawatu Standard of January 23, 2013.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The rich are always right

The rich, whose activities invariably have a greater impact on the environment than those of the poor, nevertheless see the poor as criminals. The cartoon, by Malcolm Evans, is from the Manawatu Standard of January 14, 2013.

Proud hunter reduced to poop-scooper

Cartoon by Malcolm Evans from the Manawatu Standard of January 10, 2013.