Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Does ThunderHard work?

The first question that everyone asks, when a "male performance enhancer" is mentioned, is "Does it work?"

The question becomes even more pertinent in the case of performance enhancers, like ThunderHard, that are advertised as 100% natural, and which are therefore available without a prescription.

As someone who has used ThunderHard, I can assure my readers that it does, indeed, have the advertised effects. Perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that it had the advertised effects for me.

I did not, however, find these effects altogether pleasant. In fact, after taking only two of the pills — on the mornings of January 17 and 18 — I felt as though I was undergoing a second puberty — a somewhat bizarre experience for someone aged 72.

I will spare my readers an excursion into intimate detail, and say simply that they put me into a state of constant semi-arousal that lasted until the afternoon of January 21. I was thus all set to go, if only in the bedroom, for a total of four and a half days.

Then I crashed. For about two days, I was totally exhausted. All I could do was flop on to a sofa and wait for my energy to return. I had a dry mouth and feelings of uneasiness and nausea — classic symptoms of withdrawal from an addictive drug. And needless to say, I had absolutely no appetite.

So after my recovery, I threw the rest of the pills away. I hate to think what they would have done to me if I had continued to take them at the recommended dose of one a day. One a week might have been more appropriate, if I had felt I really needed a boost "down there".

All in all, it was an expensive experiment, as the bottle cost me more than $NZ50.

NOTE, March 2, 2003: I have edited this post to remove all words that could result in this site being given an "adult" rating.

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