Friday, June 28, 2013

DealDash: Join today . . . and start winning

A computerized telescope worth $700 for only $2.99? Yes, if you'd like to see stars — in more ways than one — take a tour of DealDash, via one of its introductory videos at YouTube. These explain how almost everything you ever wanted, from a Nikon digital camera to an Apple iPad, can be picked up for as little as a dollar, and shipped to you free of charge.

The videos will talk you through the penny auction bidding process, and show you how you can't lose. Even if you don't win an auction, you can buy the item for its regular price — and have all your bids, which cost 60 cents each, returned to you. You can then use the bids again, and try to win another auction.

In no time at all, you will find that shopping has never been such fun.